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Your job is to run your project efficiently and effectively, keeping to deadlines, planning and scheduling work, managing everything within your budget restrictions, staying in line with state and federal regulations and making sure your crews work safe. As if that’s not demanding enough, you are constantly being asked to do more work, with less resources, you are expected to keep everybody happy and you’re supposed to be an expert in hiring and screening employees too.

logo  What if you could control more work without the hassle and costs of hiring additional staff? By partnering with The Premier Group, you can do just that.

Whether you need additional help for a short term, temporary project or if you’re looking to add additional staff to your existing crew, The Premier Group can take all of the hiring burdens off of your shoulders.

logo  Never turn down work because you don’t think you have the manpower.

The Premier Group can provide you with one extra hand to get you caught back up, or an entire crew to take care of a large project. Regardless of your need, working with The Premier Group means peace of mind that you would never have to turn down a project for fear that you won’t have enough help.

logo  Only pay for the hours that our tradesmen work.

Searching, screening and testing good tradespeople is what we do. We take care of all the legal paperwork, background checks, drug tests and safety training. All state and federal taxes, workers compensation and payroll taxes are handled by us. All you have to do is tell us what you need, where you need them and for how long.

logo  We stand behind our guarantees.

Many services guarantee their workers. 2hrs free, 4hrs free are typical in the temporary staffing world. The Premier Group is not a “temporary service”. We are certain that we screen at a higher standard than any other service out there, we are a local company and unlike many national corporations we have no hiring quotas placed upon us by corporate execs. If you are not completely satisfied with the service of anyone at The Premier Group, you will never receive an invoice from us for our services, it’s just that simple.

Job Opportunities

Electricians – Phoenix

The Premier Group is looking for experienced Electricians to add to our team for local projects in the Phoenix area!

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