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Accounting and Finance


The Premier Group’s executive recruiters are specialists who’ve spent years working in the industry themselves. We have paired exceptional accounting talent with Fortune 500 firms needing a CFO, to start-up companies needing their first Staff Accountant. The Premier Group’s recruiters are the elite of the industry at finding and placing qualified candidates.

logo  Perm Placement or Contract? It’s about what’s best for you.

All companies experience spikes in seasonal workloads while finding themselves overstaffed in other months. Every company has their own unique challenges and circumstances. At The Premier Group we understand that one size does not fit all. Whether you are rapidly expanding and looking to gain the strongest talent in the workforce or you simply need an interim solution (seasonal, project, or contract), rest assured that our recruiters can help and you’ve come to the right place.

logo  Quality vs Quantity – Why use a recruiter at all?

Even in the softest of economies companies keep the best of their talent. Unlike many recruiting firms, we are not in the business of screening through the best resumes of the unemployed trying to make something stick. The experience of a true search firm comes with directly sourcing the best employed candidates in the marketplace and that can only be done with local knowledge and years of trusted relationships.

logoOur Guarantee means everything to us.

The Premier Group was founded with the basic philosophy, that executive search firms had become too big and too impersonal to be able to truly give “real customer service”. Many national companies do not even meet their own candidates before they try to place them with you, so how can they really be finding you the best fit for your company?

Our recruiters believe that with corporate sales quotas and placement benchmarks put upon them, quality had to suffer and inevitably they saw that it was the customer who ended up on the losing end of the deal. Client relationships mean everything to us at The Premier Group, if you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of candidate that we send you, we will replace them at no additional cost.

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